I’m working on an expression of interest for a H2020 EINFRA project proposal. As a part of my preliminary research, I’ve gathered a collection of catalogues and services our project could be integrated with.

For those who can find it interesting, here you have the complete list.

Catalogues of services

General e-Infrastructures capabilities

EGI Services



  • Cloud compute
  • Cloud Container Compute BETA
  • High-Throughput Compute

Storage and Data

  • Online Storage
  • Archive Storage
  • Data Transfer

EUDAT Services


  • B2DROP (Sync and Exchange Research Data)
  • B2SHARE (Store and Share Research Data)
  • B2SAFE (Replicate Research Data Safely)
  • B2STAGE (Get Data to Computation)
  • B2FIND (Find Research Data)



  • Identity and Access Management
  • Fairshare Scheduler for OpenStack
  • Partition Director Service for Batch and Cloud resources
  • Cloud Provider Ranker
  • Global Data Access - ONEDATA
  • PaaS Orchestrator
  • Userspace Container Support
  • Data Mining and Analytics for eScience Server
  • Infrastructure Manager
  • OCCI support for OpenStack and OpenNebula
  • Extended OpenStack and OpenNebula Functionalities
  • Core PaaS
  • Storage Quality of Service and Data Lifecycle support
  • Future Gateways (Programmable Scientific Portal)
  • INDIGO Plug-ins for scientific workflow systems ???
  • QoS/SLA Management Service
  • INDIGO Mobile Toolkit

Other services and providers in the field of research data management in agrosciences