Most people wrote their 2017 goals in the first weeks of January, a few maybe even did it in the last weeks of the previous year. I’m quite late setting them in the last day of February, but I have a strong feeling of accomplishment. Not only I’ve set my goals for the current year, but I’ve even set goals up to 2020; and if I’m not wrong that means I could achieve to get a PhD degree in four years. Not that bad for a part-time student.

I know that probably I’ll have to change my plans sooner than later, but in any case, plans are easier to rewrite than to write from scratch, and besides, I’ll have a good view of what lacks in order to be successful at any moment, and this is a must for success.

There are three major achievements for 2017:

  • setting a title: Service Orchestration for Active Data Management Plans in Agriculture, Food and Forestry Research , :white_check_mark:

  • setting a structure and, :white_check_mark:

  • setting an introduction

The introduction will have the following sections:

  • a description of the problem,

  • a description of my hypothesis and goals,

  • a planification (drafted in the structure, this post you’re reading is 25% of this section),

  • a description of the document (explaining its sections and the reasoning behind them)

None of these 4 tasks is very intelectually demanding. They will be used like fillers, for low energy days, or the the days after major accomplishments after delivering some of the major milestones below.

Besides the introduction, and according to the provided structure, there are other milestones I should accomplish this year:

  • set a protocol for Systematic Literature Review of Active Data Management Plans (including tools)

  • set a protocol for Systematic Literature Review of Data Management Service Modelling

  • write a Research Data Management Plan (eat my own dog food :dog:)

  • apply aforementioned protocols and obtain a temporal state of the art (to be updated every 9 months)

  • create a temporal actions, events and roles model for DMPs (will be based in the state of the art of ADMPS and DMP tools, will be tuned later with field data from first hand DMPs)

  • set a model for data management services (using an existing one based on the state of the art will be valid)

  • develop a draft mapping between the DMP model and the data service model

All this seven tasks are intellectually intensive and key stones for the yearly planification and the project as a whole. Each of them will be assigned a month, not considering August and December like working months because of holidays and other major issues traditionally developed at the end of the year. (In fact I may use them as extra time, but better think they aren’t available).

  • March 2017: SLR protocol for ADMPS

  • April 2017: SLR protocol for Data Services Modelling

  • May 2017: State of the art

  • June 2017: DMP for this work

  • July 2017: DMP model

  • September 2017: Data services model

  • October 2017: mapping between DMP model and data services model

  • November 2017: work on any missing thing, beautify it

  • December 2017: celebrate you did your first PhD year! :tada: