My notes from LEARN-RDM 5th Workshop at Barcelona

  • Domain Data Protocols
  • Machine actionable DMPs
  • Institutional Data Policy vs Institutional Template for DMPs

Those are some of my notes during the LEARN 5th workshop at Barcelona. Some of them are more valuable for my PhD, while other are oriented to my day-job on research data management. Both are so closely related that it’d make no sense to keep separate notes for them.

Marie Timmermann from Science Europe briefly talked about machine actionable data management plans. She did it so briefly, that I only realized she did so after Daniel Mietchen remarked it later in his talk.

However, Marie introduced a very interesting (for me) topic in her talk: Domain Data Protocols. DDPs take the idea of disciplinary standards interoperability further, being a kind of set of best practices for any given domain. In some sense, they’re something like a Research Data Management Policy for disciplines.

This is a very powerful idea, generalizing standards from data, schemas and metadata to full workflows. It reasonate very much with my idea of formalized DMPs.

Domain Data Protocols vs. Institutional policies

This figure depicts DMPs at the intersection of an organization’s and a domain policies.
It seems to me that DDPs will set mainly what to do, while the organization RDM policy will set mainly how to do it. A little later Daniel Mietchen went further on this idea, casually, when he talked about Interaction of Policies (more on this later).

Then was the turn of Daniel Mietchen from NIH. He not only reviewed the previous speakers, but went through a number of topics and details about research data management state of the art. Two things resonated strongly with me:

  • first, his emphasis on making machine-enabled research data management plans. This idea is at the very core of my PhD research (goals/introduction to be published in this blog), how else could we orchestrate services around a DMP? As a reference for this idea he brought those slides by Stephannie Simms from DCL. I’ll go over them soon, with my thoughts and notes.
  • Second, his review on Interaction of Policies, much more complete than my picture above shows. Learn more at his github

Infrastructures along the lifecycle schema

In the afternoon, I join a workgroup discussing the LEARN-RDM’s Model Policy for Research Data Management. We discuss a number of topics, including the relevance or role IT teams play in data policies and DMPs. I got some relieve after realising most people in the field suffer the same concernings and doubts. It’s a weirdly enjoyable feeling, much like ‘not being alone’ but that resembles too much to the Spanish folk lore “mal de muchos”. The main lesson I learnt here was to differentiate an Institutional Data Policy from an Institutional Template for DMPs.

Of course, there were many more things there, with MAREDATA people, the amazing tour to the historical building of Universitat de Barcelona, and discussion of the forecoming RDA conference next April.

Let me say goobye with this cute video recorded by Friedel from LIBER/LEARN.