While I feel like I should be writing down a draft introduction to my PhD research, I’ve been hit by a huge wave of references just concerning to the aspects of Research Data Management in my PhD (other topics, such as service orchestration, will need their very own review).

Silly mind map of my bibliographical review

Via AIMS I knew there’s a new version, 7th, of the Research Data Curation Bibliography. This list will be the source for my top down review. Because of its length (600+ items), I won’t upload those items to Zotero yet, I’ll use annotations via hypothes.is to mark what I should read, what I’ve read and comments or links to further reviews.

Meanwhile, I learnt actionable DMPs is the name for waht I called formalized DMP. There’s quite expectations around those ideas, a workshop was run at CERN last summer, and there’s a RDA IG on the matter. Here there are some of the places to be tracked, reviewed, etc.

I feel like I should write down my introduction before reviewing all that material. Doing it in that way, I’ll be able to compare my plans, thoughts and initiatives with the main thread in the topic, so that I can find points of interest. If I do it the other way, probably my brain will get washed and it will more difficult to create original thoughts

Wish me luck!