My name's Antonio Sánchez-Padial, and I'm a Research Software Engineer at [INIA]( Most of my career has been in research centres: the [Spanish Geological Survey]( (IGME) and the [Centre for Humanities and Social Sciences]( (CCHS-CSIC). I've also seen some action in startups, as a senior software engineer at [source{d}](, then named Tyba. Most of my work is focused on open science and research data management. There is a lot of interesting work in this field, so I have joined UPM's [Ontology Engineering Group]( as a part-time PhD student. This blog you're reading is my **Open Notebook**, here's you'll find my day-by-day work on **research data management plans**. Other topics in the scope of this blog will be [Open Journal System](, data-driven agriculture, and news related with open software, open data and open science. This will be a multilingual blog, with posts in English, Spanish and [Asturian]( Language will be chosen depending on the scope of the post. If you find something you think are interested in, and feel unable to read, don't hesitate to contact me asking for further information. I'll do my best to help you back.